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¡This is our new ENVOY EV1000 v5!

Competitive times to face new challenges.

Imagestream presents its new Access Router, the Envoy 1000 v5 for enterprise solutions; that will allow you the connectivity of your work centers: Hospitals, Clinics, Hotels, Regional Offices, etc., everything you require for the last mile.

With its Opuntia Linux Source System, the Envoy 1000 v5 Router guarantees support for any application; Its Multicore platform ensures high interconnection performance to satisfy corporate, cloud and user application demands.

The new Envoy 1000 v5, is integrated into the Cloud Operation Management environment, the Cloud monitoring solution, which has the coverage of GDC tools, to enjoy the visibility and management of your Network from any mobile device.

With ImageStream, resize the architecture of your Network.

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